Banzai Japan Member Fujitani Tsukasa - 藤谷

Fujitani Tsukasa – 藤谷 つかさ – Mini Profile

  • Name: Fujitani Tsukasa (藤谷つかさ)
  • Nickname: Tsuu-chan (つーちゃん)
  • Birthday: October 29, 1997 (age 24)
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Ojamajo Doremi, doing pran

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Fujitani Tsukasa – 藤谷 – Fan letter ☆

Cospanic Entertainment
Royal Palace Shibuya 205
15-10 Uguisudanicho

Fujitani Tsukasa – 藤谷 – Full Profile

誕生日 Birthday

10月29日 / 29 October

Count Down to

Fujitani Tsukasa – 藤谷


ニックネーム Nickname

つーちゃん / tsu-chan

血液型 Blood type

A型 / Type-A

星座 Zodiac Sign

さそり座 / Scorpio

キャッチフレーズ  Greeting to the fans


A little cyborg that everyone cares about! I’m Tsukasa Fujitani, an apprentice evangelist from Saitama Prefecture!

趣味 Hobby


Magical DoReMi. To play a prank.

特徴 Characteristic


12 years of dance experience. She is a serious and unfussy laughing Uedo. Cyborg.

都道府県 PR Local Introduction


The wind speaks … good, too good! Jumangoku Mangoku-Miracle Japanese sweets produced by Saitama!

Message sent!

Saitama Prefecture

Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県, Saitama-ken) is a landlocked prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region of Honshu.

Saitama Prefecture has a population of 7,338,536 (1 January 2020) and has a geographic area of 3,797 km² (1,466 sq mi).

Saitama Prefecture borders Tochigi Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture to the north, Nagano Prefecture to the west, Yamanashi Prefecture to the southwest, Tokyo to the south, Chiba Prefecture to the southeast, and Ibaraki Prefecture to the northeast.

Saitama is the capital and largest city of Saitama Prefecture, with other major cities including Kawaguchi, Kawagoe, and Tokorozawa.

Saitama Prefecture is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, the most populous metropolitan area in the world, and many of its cities are described as bedroom communities and suburbs of Tokyo with many residents commuting into the city each day.

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