Banzai Japan Member Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎

Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎 しおり – Mini Profile

  • Name: Fujisaki Shiori (藤崎しおり)
  • Nickname: Shiorin (しおりん)
  • Birthday: March 22, 1999 (age 22)
  • Birthplace: Yamaguchi, Japan
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Idol appreciation, K-pop

Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎 – Profile Photos

Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎 – Fan letter ☆

Cospanic Entertainment
Royal Palace Shibuya 205
15-10 Uguisudanicho

Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎 – Full Profile

誕生日 Birthday

3月22日 / 22 March

Count Down to

Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎


ニックネーム Nickname

しおりん / Shio-rin

血液型 Blood type

A型 / Type-A

星座 Zodiac Sign

おひつじ座 / Aries

キャッチフレーズ  Greeting to the fans


I’m Shio-rin,Looking at you with my sparkling eyes! A trainee evangelist of Yamaguchi,Shiori Fujisaki

趣味 Hobby

アイドル鑑賞、K- POP

watching Idols performances, K-pop

特徴 Characteristic


sweets junkie、a doctor of Doraemon.

都道府県 PR Local Introduction


Even in Tokyo, there is a lot of nature! After all, Tokyo is the place to go for fun and healing!

Message sent!

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture (山口県, Yamaguchi-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūgoku region of Honshu.

Yamaguchi Prefecture has a population of 1,377,631 (1 February 2018) and has a geographic area of 6,112 km² (2,359 sq mi).

Yamaguchi Prefecture borders Shimane Prefecture to the north and Hiroshima Prefecture to the northeast.

Yamaguchi is the capital and Shimonoseki is the largest city of Yamaguchi Prefecture, with other major cities including Ube, Shūnan, and Iwakuni.

Yamaguchi Prefecture is located at the western tip of Honshu with coastlines on the Sea of Japan and Seto Inland Sea, and separated from the island of Kyushu by the Kanmon Straits.

Kagoshima, JP Weather

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