High-flying lawyer is in legal war with her wealthy farmer neighbour

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High-flying lawyer is in legal war with her wealthy farmer neighbour whose conversion of a barn into two homes is ‘disturbing’ the peace and quiet in her £1.3M ‘forever home’ next doorZoe Bucknell is fighting neighbour Mark Stoneham’s barn conversion plans Says the ‘noise disturbance, vibration [and] fumes’ is ‘threat’ to her wellbeingLast year, went to court and got an injunction banning construction vehiclesBy Rory Tingle, Home Affairs Correspondent For Mailonline Published: 06:16 EST, 9 December 2022 | Updated: 09:29 EST, 9 December 2022

Prince Harry claims royals dismissed Meghan’s harassment despite his concerns

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Prince Harry appears to take swipe at William after claiming royals told him ‘why should your girlfriend be treated any differently to mine’ when he complained of harassment of MeghanPrince Harry claims that he was told Meghan’s ‘harassment’ was ‘rite of passage’ He said he spoke to the Royal Family after news first broke of their relationship He claims his family questioned why Meghan should be treated differently The Netflix series Harry & Meghan second volume will be released on Dec 15 Follow all the developments around the show on the MailOnline live blog here By Eirian Jane Prosser For Mailonline Published: 07:15 EST, 9 December 2022 | Updated: 09:26 EST, 9 December 2022

BBC journalists hit back at Sussexes’ Netflix claims

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Now the BBC hits back at Harry and Meghan’s Netflix show: R4 host Mishal Husain says ‘recollections may vary’ after Sussexes insisted engagement interview was ‘staged’ – and Nicholas Witchell slams ‘absurd’ claimsMeghan and Harry hit out at the UK tabloid press in their first three episodes  Nicholas Witchell says Meghan’s claim ‘they were out to destroy her’ is absurdBBC’s Mishal Husain also hit back at claims engagement interview was ‘staged’ By Danya Bazaraa For Mailonline Published: 05:36 EST, 9 December 2022 | Updated: 09:25 EST, 9 December 2022

Wolf whistling and harassment in the street ‘will be made a crime’

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Wolf whistling and harassment in the street will be made a crime with sentences of up to TWO YEARS, Home Secretary Suella Braverman revealsHome Secretary Suella Braverman has confirmed backing for harassment lawWolf whistling and cat-calling will be subject to specific offence under the moveMs Braverman said those who stopped women feeling ‘safe’ face ‘consequences’ By James Tapsfield, Political Editor For Mailonline Published: 05:39 EST, 9 December 2022 | Updated: 09:25 EST, 9 December 2022

£25 cold weather payments set to be handed out to poorer Britons

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£25 cold weather payments start TODAY: Seven-day cold snap triggers emergency cash – so are YOU eligible?Households in 300 postcodes that are eligible for money will receive paymentsBenson, in Oxfordshire, is one area where some residents will get payment Last night, the mercury plummeted to -9C, making it the coldest part of EnglandBritons who are already in receipt of certain benefits are in line for the money By Harry Howard For Mailonline Published: 08:04 EST, 9 December 2022 | Updated: 09:24 EST, 9 December 2022

Ukraine war; Battle of Bakhmut descends into ‘First World War meat grinder’

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‘They are just meat to Putin… and we are the meat grinder’: Ukrainian soldier says ‘conveyor belt’ of Russian soldiers are being cut down as Battle of Bakhmut descends into ‘First World war hell’Heavy fighting taking place around Bakhmut, a city in Donbas region of Ukraine Russians have been trying to seize it for months, but combat has ramped up since retreat from Kherson – with troops sent to reinforce the assault Witnesses called it ‘First World War’ trench warfare, with Russian troops sent into a ‘meat grinder’ of Ukrainian machine-gun nests under artillery barrage WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline Published: 09:00 EST, 9 December 2022 | Updated: 09:19 EST, 9 December 2022

‘Twitter Files’ allege prominent right-wing figures were ‘blacklisted’

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Twitter has been accused of secretly “blacklisting” prominent right-wing figures in the US in order to ensure they reached a smaller audience.High-profile right-wing individuals – such as talk show host Dan Bongino, conservative activist Charlie Kirk and anti-lockdown campaigner Dr Jay Bhattacharya – were apparently demoted by Twitter staff before it was taken over by Elon Musk.
The “blacklists”, which limited the visibility of accounts or prevented them from being featured in Twitter’s list of trending topics, have been revealed as part of the so-called Twitter Files.The Twitter Files, which appear to come directly from Musk, feature detailed internal documents from the previous regime at Twitter, including internal messages and screenshots of administrator tools.They have been shared with a group of right-wing journalists who share Musk’s views on free speech.
The controversial billionaire has described himself as a “free speech absolutist” fighting against a “woke mind-virus”.Read more:Ex-Twitter employees sue over lay-offsMusk’s ‘chainsaw’ strategy ‘does not bode well’

Elon Musk bought Twitter in October

How were right-wing figures ‘blacklisted’?The documents suggest Stanford’s Dr Bhattacharya, one of a group of academics who argued COVID-19 should be allowed to spread in order to develop herd immunity, was secretly placed on a “trends blacklist”, which prevented his tweets from trending.


Right-wing talk show host Bongino was put on a “search blacklist,” meaning his tweets would not appear in search results.According to the report, which was published on Twitter, this practice was known internally at the company as “visibility filtering”.”Think about visibility filtering as being a way for us to suppress what people see to different levels. It’s a very powerful tool,” one senior Twitter employee told Bari Weiss, one of a group of journalists given wide-ranging access to Twitter’s internal documentation.Another Twitter engineer said: “We control visibility quite a bit. And we control the amplification of your content quite a bit. And normal people do not know how much we do.” Click to subscribe to the Sky News Daily wherever you get your podcastsTwitter had always denied secretly demoting certain accounts, a practice sometimes known as shadow banning.In 2018, the site’s head of legal policy and trust and head of product wrote a blog saying “we do not shadow ban”.”And we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology,” they added.However, the company openly acknowledged reducing the visibility of tweets in search and trending topics.It also ranked tweets, a practice which included demoting “tweets from bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate or divide the conversation”, a habit the blog implied was more common among right-wing figures.

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Do tech giants really own the future?

How do other platforms operate?The practice of “blacklisting” and “whitelisting” certain users is commonplace in social media and other internet businesses such as Google or YouTube, where they are used to make sure sites surface the most relevant content.Indeed, Musk suggested that, under his control, Twitter would use a similar technique, promoting useful tweets and demoting “negative/hate” ones.Yet, questions have been raised about the arbitrary way these demotions and promotions are carried out.Just this week, the board which investigates Meta found celebrities, politicians and commercial partners were being given extra leeway to break the rules on Instagram and Facebook, a practice it described as causing “real harm”.”I hope (perhaps naively) that Musk has now set a precedent for greater transparency for future Twitter moderation and even moderation elsewhere on other platforms and news media,” said Charlie Beckett, professor of media and communications at the London School of Economics.

Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

‘Make everything public now’However, although the Twitter Files purport to shed a light on this murky practice, they have been criticised for offering a partial, politically-motivated view of the real picture inside the company, designed to paint a favourable picture of Musk.”If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything without filter and let people judge for themselves? Including all discussions around current and future actions? Make everything public now,” former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey complained to Musk on Twitter.Musk has promised that further revelations will be coming soon.”Most important data was hidden (from you too) and some may have been deleted,” he replied to Mr Dorsey, “but everything we find will be released”.

Apple given deadline for swapping iPhone lightning port for USB-C

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Apple has been given an official deadline to swap the lightning charging port on new iPhones to USB-C.The company has reluctantly confirmed it will comply with the EU directive, which will require all smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other small devices to adopt the same standard.
While the bloc said the move would reduce e-waste and be pro-consumer, Apple argued it would stifle innovation.The tech giant’s handsets sport proprietary lightning ports, with only some models of the iPad featuring the USB-C jacks favoured by Android phones and many other devices, including games consoles and headphones.A previous attempt to introduce a common charging port across the EU failed back in 2018, but a provisional agreement was reached earlier this year and was voted through by the European Parliament in October.
The official rules on USB-C have now been published by the European Commission, setting an almost two-year deadline of 28 December 2024 for all portable devices to comply.Laptops have been given longer to get up to speed, with an enforcement date of 28 April 2026, while devices that charge exclusively wirelessly – like the Apple Watch – are exempt.

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What does the EU’s directive say?In documents published this week, the EU says it was committed to increasing “interoperability” between devices.


In practice, that means people should not have to worry about reaching for a knotted mess of various cables at the bottom of a bag or back of a drawer when they want to charge something.The documents say the move will also “reduce unnecessary waste and costs”, something Apple has claimed it has attempted to do in recent years by removing packed-in charging adapters from new iPhones altogether.Apple executive Greg Joswiak has claimed that it “would have been better environmentally and better for our customers to not have a government be that prescriptive”.When will we see our first USB-C iPhone?If Apple sticks to its usual annual naming pattern, USB-C will be on the iPhone 16 at the very latest.The company normally launches its yearly refresh of smartphones in September.But reports suggest the switch could come sooner, possibly in time for the presumed iPhone 15 next year.Other products from the company, like AirPods cases and Mac mice, will also have to change.

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