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Oliver Dowden Assures That Bibby Stockholm Will House People Within Weeks

Oliver Dowden Assures That Bibby Stockholm Will House People Within WeeksThe UK’s deputy prime minister, Oliver Dowden, has stated that checks are still ongoing on a barge intended to accommodate asylum seekers, with the first group expected to be housed there within a few weeks.Dowden expressed confidence that the Bibby Stockholm in Portland, Dorset, would soon become operational and assured that the government would consider the concerns raised about fire safety.YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Chip Innovators Collaborate With Government To Shape The Future Of The UK Semiconductor SectorDespite multiple delays in the plan to relocate individuals to the 500-capacity boat, Dowden remained firm in the belief that it was necessary to reduce costs for taxpayers as part of a broader effort to prevent illegal immigration by sea.
Explaining the delay, Dowden explained that various inspections and measures needed to be carried out to ensure the suitability and readiness of the vessel.Dowden stated, “I’m confident that in the coming weeks, we will have people on those barges.”He also acknowledged that the government was already taking into account the concerns raised by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), which has expressed worries about overcrowding and access to fire exits, deeming the boat a potential deathtrap. Dowden initially attempted to argue that the FBU was a significant donor to the Labour Party, but when it was pointed out that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) had also raised concerns, he assured that all concerns would be addressed.Dowden highlighted some successes in the government’s efforts to prevent illegal immigration, noting a 90% decrease in the number of Albanians arriving on the English south coast and a 40% increase in interceptions in the English Channel after cooperation with France.He reiterated the government’s commitment to clearing the asylum application backlog of 92,000 by the end of the year, mentioning an increase in caseworkers to aid in the process.Despite promises from the prime minister to find alternative accommodations, the government has faced difficulties in moving asylum seekers out of hotels and into alternative options such as barges, cruise ships, and disused military bases. The use of hotels has increased in recent years due to a rise in the number of small boats crossing the Channel, with the government estimating a daily cost of £6 million.The arrival of the first 50 people on the barge, originally scheduled for Tuesday, was delayed due to late representation from the HSE regarding working practices for port staff, rather than concerns about fire safety.YOU MAY ALSO LIKE UK Minister Endorses Google’s AI Training Drive In The Race For Technological Supremacy As “So Important”The HSE raised concerns about hi-vis clothing and separating pedestrians from vehicles but stated that their recommendations should not have caused the holdup.In response to claims that the barge plan had been chaotic, Chancellor Rishi Sunak defended the initiative, stating that it was a novel approach to address a serious problem.

Exclusive: Harry and Meghan Reveal Where They Will Move Next

Harry and Meghan Australian Tour - Day 3

Harry and Meghan, the wayward drifters and grifters who have fooled simple Americans into thinking they are somehow important, even fooling Spotify executives to hand over $19 million, are said to be unhappy in their 16 bathroom Montecito faux palace (McMansion).

Ovid Scoobie, the couple’s spokesperson, has revealed on his blog that the duo are house hunting in a place that not many have considered.

baghdad beverly hills shopping

“I can happily announce that my beloved dear couple, Harry and Meghan will be moving to Iraq in the Fall. They have already secured a 20 bathroom place directly in the Sunni Triangle, in Baghdad. On a recent trip to the area, the couple immediately fell in love with the place, and it even has a large torture chamber in the basement. You know, if they catch a paparazzo, or maybe they can use it to torture contracts out of Netflix executives.”

On further inspection, reporters for the Sun revealed that the building was formerly a secret palace for Uday Hussein, one of Saddam’s evil sons, before he was killed in a shoot-out.

“There is faux gold furniture everywhere, and when Meghan saw that she squealed in abject delight, because as a fake personality herself, she adores fake things. The bullet holes in the walls can easily be plastered over and the deceased individuals in the torture chamber will be dumped in the street where the stray dogs will clean everything up,” Scoobie added.

baghdad kids
There are plenty of activities in the area for the kids.

Harry and Meghan of course want the best for their kids and when they saw the Sunni Triangle they immediately fell in love with the place. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to play and be educated in the local religious schools. What used to be called IED Alley by the U.S. troops is now a pleasant dusty road with gutted out Hummers and downed Blackhawk choppers. This is where all the Iraqi children play now, and sometimes they dig up a treasure trove of articles left behind by the Americans. Only last week, a group of children uncovered an M60 machine gun and cache of grenades. It was fireworks time for those kids.

baghdad security

The Sunni Triangle zone has plenty of amenities and opportunities for family fun. Every May, is the starting of shooting season, where indiscriminate sectarian mass shootings occur. In this free-for-all, many are severely or fatally injured, but it’s all part of the fun of the area. Since the Americans left Iraq, the level of anarchy has increased by over 80% and kidnappings are a daily activity many criminal gangs and jihadists subscribe to.

It’s a long way from Montecito or Windsor, but it will do for now.

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Experts: There Are Aliens Amongst Us

aliens amongst us

Extra terrestrial beings are most probably among us, and are actively influencing human thought and actions through powerful telepathic means, is the conclusion from several experts from an unnamed clandestine agency.

@tuckystrike WATCH THIS CREEPY MAN!!! Why does he behave like that??!! #fyp #creepy ♬ Creepy simple horror ambient(1270589) – howlingindicator

“Certainly there is evidence of extra terrestrial entities masquerading as humans, and of controlling human minds through telepathic means.

“The human mind is weak compared to some of the beings who visit this planet, and thus humans are easy prey to these entities. You may not believe any of this as it may be too fantastic for your limited world view and your limited intelligence, however humans can only perceive a very limited spectrum of bandwidth information. Humans are severely limited not only in eyesight, hearing, touch sense, but in telepathy. The universal bandwidth of information is vast, and humans can only see a tiny portion of what is available.

“U.S. Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch revealed in a recent Congressional hearing that the government has recovered alien beings in downed craft, and this alone gives some credence to the fact that there are extra terrestrials among us.

“Some of them can inhabit human bodies, or control humans from afar through mind control. It is possible that some of the aliens are shape-shifters, however they only have a limited time to hold human form. Some of the aliens are not friendly to humans, and are actively working at some times to harm humans.

“UAP craft are being held by United States clandestine black projects, mainly for the purpose of back engineering the advanced technology. Antigravity craft technology could revolutionise human civilisation, however this information is being suppressed by the U.S. government upper echelons because the time is not right to introduce such tech.”

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Police film idiotic passenger hanging out of BMW window at 60mph for ‘banter’

This is the shocking moment police filmed an idiot hanging out of a car window at 60mph pretending to clean his friend’s BMW for “banter”.A heart-stopping video has emerged showing the incident, which took place in the fast lane of the A1 on Saturday afternoon on July 22.The front seat passenger can be seen hanging out of the window as the car hurtles down the dual carriageway near Grantham, Lincs.He appears to pretend to clean his friend’s white BMW as he overtook. To make matters worse, the car is travelling in the fast lane in torrential rain at the time of the dangerous stunt.Police dashcam footage captured the incident and blasted the passenger’s “deplorable behaviour”.Writing on the force’s Twitter page, they said: “This deplorable behaviour was witnessed by #RPU on the A1 dual carriageway in Grantham, travelling at 60mph.”Passenger was cleaning his friend’s vehicle for ‘banter’. Driver and passenger reported for multiple offences and section 59 warning issued.”A spokesperson said the driver and passenger had been reported for several offences.The pair were slapped with a Section 59 warning notice, meaning police could seize the vehicle if they committed further offences.According to the AA the stopping distance for a car in normal conditions at 60mph is 73m, or 240 feet, but in wet conditions, or if the driver is distracted, this distance can significantly increase. 

Heat pump warning: Homeowners face eye-watering £10,000 bill under SNP gas boiler ban

Homeowners wanting to sell their home could be forced to pay out thousands of pounds to replace their boiler with a heat pump, under plans outlined by the SNP.The Scottish National Party leader Humza Yousaf is considering proposals that would penalise sellers with boilers by slapping them with poorer Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings if they don’t make the switch.EPC ratings consider how costly it is to heat a home and a poor rating, D or below, can potentially influence the value of a property.It’s even been muted that to meet net zero targets the First Minister could push on with plans to force those with boilers to swap to heat pumps before they can sell.All existing properties and new builds in Scotland are supposed to have an EPC rating of C or above by 2025 under green pledges.Heat pumps can cost as much as £10,000, compared to around £2,000 for a new boiler, and the efficiency of the pumps is dependent on further costly improvements to the insulation of a home.Patrick Harvie, the green zero carbon buildings minister, said the Scottish Government wanted “all homes to reach new energy efficiency standards by no later than 2033”.Writing in the Herald on Sunday, Harvie also said: “Improved energy efficiency is essential but nowhere near enough. We can’t insulate our way to zero carbon buildings. To do that we need to change the way we heat homes.“To meet our 2030 targets alone, more than one million Scottish homes will need to change to a climate-friendly heating system: a massive transition – as big as the shift from coal to gas last century, but in a shorter timescale.”But the Scottish Conservative Party voiced concern about how families are expected to cover the cost amid the cost of living crisis.GB News reports Douglas Lumsden, the Scottish Tories’ shadow net zero secretary, said: “The green minister is typically acting like he knows best by ploughing ahead with these plans.“This is hugely naive considering he has put in a pitiful amount of the funding required to support homeowners to replace gas boilers.“Penalising them during a cost of living crisis is simply unacceptable. While we all want to see a just transition, policies must be fair and measured.”The Scottish Government has provided an initial support package of £1.8billion to assist homeowners with conversions, but it’s been confirmed to get all homes to zero emissions would cost around 20 times that amount.

Mum praised for ‘blunt’ reaction to partner’s plea to look after his ex’s five-year-old

A mother has been praised after her blunt response to a request to look after her husband’s ex’s child. Sharing her story with Mumsnet the woman explained that her husband and his ex share an eight-year-old child, but his ex also has a five-year-old with another partner. The frustrated mum shared her hope that the two women would get along when she began her relationship with her now husband, but the ex was “very hostile” and can be an “absolute horror”.Asking users ‘Am I being Unreasonable” also shared under the headline ‘AIBU’ on the site, the woman detailed how she has refused to look after the five-year-old because she doesn’t “feel like doing this woman any favours”.She told users that she is looking after her stepchild but said no to looking after her husband’s ex’s child who she has “only met a brief handful of times”. She said: “Anyway onto the AIBU… her childcare has fallen through tomorrow for her five-year-old, DH [husband] is working, I’m not.”She’s asking me to watch her child so she can go to work and I’ve said no basically because I just don’t feel like doing this woman any favours.”I’m having DSS [Stepson] because it’s our normal day to have him (week on week off) and I probably would even if it wasn’t because he’s my stepchild but her other child I’ve only met a brief handful of times and I put bluntly I just don’t want to do her any favours because she’s an awful human being.”Commenting on her husband’s relationship with his ex she said: “The way she speaks to him sometimes it’s atrocious and because of this I do not like her as a person at all.”I never get involved and I’m always polite when I see her but I think she’s just a selfish person in general.”Users were quick to praise the mum, applauding her for saying no. One user commented: “Don’t think you’re being unreasonable. I wouldn’t help my DP’s [partner’s] ex or their kids.”They’ve gone out of their way to make life difficult, many times, why should I be the bigger person, and go out of my way to help them? What goes around comes around.”Another said: “Why would you want to be responsible for a child that is nothing to do with yourself or your partner?”My stepkids mum has two younger children and I could never imagine her asking this quite rightly too.”Well done for keeping boundaries.”

Luxury Adventures in Bulgaria: Unveiling Hidden Gems in Style

Have you ever yearned for a trip that combines rich culture, unspoiled landscapes, and luxe accommodations with exciting adventures? Look no further than a luxury holiday in Bulgaria. Brimming with striking mountains, sun-soaked coastline, and quaint villages, Bulgaria’s hidden gems are waiting for you to discover them.
A Prelude to the Bulgarian Enchantment
Although Bulgaria is still lesser-known than its European counterparts, it is starting to receive the recognition it deserves. The country harbours a unique blend of mesmerising landscapes, archaeological treasures, and contemporary luxuries. Bulgaria’s charm lies not only in its opulence but also in its authenticity. The question isn’t whether to embark on a luxury holiday in Bulgaria, but how to plan one that perfectly suits your sophisticated travel tastes.
The Luxury Journey Begins: Sofia
Your luxurious adventure in Bulgaria should ideally start in the country’s cosmopolitan capital, Sofia. With its unique mix of contemporary architecture and antique landmarks, Sofia sets the perfect tone for the luxe adventure. You can explore the rich history of the city by visiting iconic sites such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, or indulge in world-class shopping at the high-end boutiques on Vitosha Boulevard.
In Sofia, you will find some of the best hotels in Bulgaria. Sofia’s hotel scene is an amalgamation of grandeur and style, with properties like the Sense Hotel offering panoramic city views and a rooftop lounge. Another luxe gem is the Hotel Anel, known for its exceptional service and large collection of Bulgarian art.
Mountain Splendour: Bansko
No luxury holiday in Bulgaria is complete without experiencing its scenic mountains. Travel to Bansko, the premium ski destination nestled in the Pirin Mountains. Known for its stunning views, outdoor sports, and traditional “mehanas” (taverns), Bansko promises an unforgettable mountain experience.
Stay in luxurious resorts like the Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena, offering exceptional ski facilities and rejuvenating spa services. With helicopter rides to untouched skiing areas and wine tastings in their wine cellar, you’ll experience the true essence of luxury.
Cultural Richness: Plovdiv

Next, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Plovdiv, one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities. Take a leisurely stroll around the old town, packed with beautifully preserved Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.
Luxury boutique hotels like Residence City Garden offer a tranquil retreat with spacious suites and fine dining. The cultural city tour ends with a world-class opera performance at the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre, a night you’ll remember for years to come.
Black Sea Delight: Varna

Varna, the seaside city on the Black Sea coast, provides a unique blend of beach life, historical exploration, and luxury lifestyle. The coastline brims with stylish beach resorts offering plush accommodations and high-end dining options.
A stay at the Grand Hotel London, one of the best hotels in Bulgaria, ensures an exclusive experience with its antique-themed rooms and renowned Le Bistro restaurant. With a yacht charter, you can sail the calm sea waters and enjoy a delightful evening with champagne and canapés.
Wine Tasting Extravaganza: Melnik
Bulgaria’s smallest town, Melnik, is famous for its robust wines and sand pyramids. Embark on a bespoke wine tour, which will take you to some of the best wineries, where you can taste indigenous Bulgarian wines and learn about their rich wine-making tradition.
Spend your night in a beautifully restored Bulgarian Revival house, like the Zornitza Family Estate, where you can pair your wine with gourmet Bulgarian cuisine. Here, the luxury lies in the harmony of tradition and sophistication.
Spa Bliss: Hisarya
Known for its thermal springs, Hisarya is a wellness paradise. This spa town, surrounded by a preserved Roman wall, is the ideal place to rejuvenate after your adventurous journey. Unwind in luxury spa resorts like the Spa Hotel Hissar, offering top-of-the-line spa treatments and wellness programmes.
Hisarya isn’t just about relaxation, though. The town is also an archaeologist’s dream, with well-preserved Roman ruins like the Ancient Roman Thermae and the South Gate, or “Camels,” which serve as a testimony to the town’s rich past. Indulge in the ultimate luxury of time, by spending a day exploring these historical sites at a leisurely pace.
Culinary Feast: Burgas
Last, but by no means least, your luxury holiday in Bulgaria would be incomplete without immersing yourself in its culinary delights. And Burgas, a vibrant city on the Black Sea coast, is the perfect place to embark on this gastronomic journey.
Savour a seafood extravaganza at The Sea Terrace, an upscale restaurant that offers the freshest catches against the backdrop of the sea. For a more traditional experience, the local “mehanas” serve authentic Bulgarian dishes, prepared with locally sourced ingredients. The true luxury in Burgas is the food, which, paired with the world-class
Bulgarian wine, creates an unmatchable culinary experience. Luxury isn’t always about the grandeur; sometimes, it’s about savouring the little things life has to offer, and in Bulgaria, that includes its rich and delicious cuisine.
A luxury holiday in Bulgaria offers not just opulence, but also an immersive cultural experience. Bulgaria is a place where the old meets new, where tradition blends seamlessly with luxury.
Unveil these hidden gems at your own pace, whilst staying in some of the best hotels in Bulgaria, dining in gourmet restaurants, and basking in the exclusive experiences designed just for you. After all, there’s nothing like discovering a country’s true charm while being enveloped in sheer luxury. The memories you make in Bulgaria will surely have a tinge of gold, a sign of the luxury that awaited you at every turn.
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Britain ‘over the worst’ of food price inflation as costs begin to fall

Britain’s cost-of-living crisis is finally easing.Food price inflation is falling at an accelerated rate and producers’ prices are dropping for the first time since the pandemic.At online supermarket Ocado’s half-year results, founder and CEO Tim Steiner said the UK is “definitely over the worst” of food price rises.Data from market research group Kantar shows food price inflation dropped by 1.6 percentage points to 14.9 per cent over the four weeks to July 9.The previous four-week period saw figures down 0.7 per cent to 16.5 per cent. At its March peak, prices soared at a record 17.5 per cent.Fraser McKevitt, head of retail and consumer insight at Kantar, said that while grocery price inflation falling for the fourth month in a row was “good news for many households”, it was still “incredibly high”.Spending on promotions increased for the first time in two years and now accounts for a quarter of all sales.Mr McKevitt said that rather than concentrating on across-the-board price cuts, supermarkets were increasingly offering deals through Clubcard, Nectar and other loyalty schemes.At the same time, Lloyds Banking Group said food and drink manufacturers reduced the prices they charge retailers and wholesalers for the first time since February 2020, after falls in their own costs.Lloyds said that the sector’s input costs tracker fell from 49.4 in May to 45.7 in June. A score above 50 indicates price rises, a score below points to falls.As a result, it said that the prices tracker fell from 60 in May to 49.4 in June, which points to the amount being paid by retailers falling.Annabel Finlay, the managing director at Lloyds, said: “Last month, we saw food and drink producers’ costs drop for the first time since 2016.“This has continued into June and may give businesses the confidence and financial foundation they need to start reducing the prices they charge customers.“This could be good news when it comes to the future direction of UK food price inflation. But it will likely be some time before any positive effect is seen on the prices at the till, and much could still change. In what are volatile conditions, there’s no guarantee that manufacturers’ input costs will keep falling.”Which? Head of Food policy Sue Davies said that while it was good news that food inflation was falling, prices were “still devastatingly high for millions of people struggling to keep food on the table”.William Woods, analyst at broker Bernstein, warned that although prices were coming down, “many core contributors to inflation are still feeding through, such as energy and labour costs”.

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